Here is a selection of members work for your enjoyment. More will be added as pictures become available.
The origin of the patterns has been included where the information is available.
You are welcome to mail me at the enquiries mailbox if there is anything represented wrongly and it will be put right straight away.
 The swans in Chrysanthemum lace and the elegant lady are both the work of  Janet Marriott.
 Gaynor Porter's spider cushion from a Lace  Express pattern appeared in progress at the  2014 exhibition but is now convincingly  complete.

The bangles and bracelets were worked by Jean Price to patterns from Lacewing.  Joyce Green made the braid butterfly and the mushrooms.
 Here is a selection in Torchon. Barbara Burnley completed the hanging, Joyce Green the mat and Bookmark. The pentagonal mat is by Karen Compton and the fans by Jean Price.

Cynthia Williams is working a Torchon edging. Sarah Owen is working Milanese.
This is Lorna Start's Russian tray centre and Julia Browne's Bruges motif.
 Sonia Oulton worked the Bedfordshire tray, as well as the Bucks, Braid and Torchon mats.

The 2015 competition on a theme of 'Celebrations' was won by Janet French.
                                            2014 competition   entries.      


 Once again Janet Marriott was a worthy winner.
Margaret Hill won the 2012 competition with her Olympic Logo.                                   Thelma Foster won in 2013 with her floral arrangement.

2011 AGM competition entries for the Diana Taylor Memorial Trophy.
A fine selection of butterflies entered in the 2008 competition.
 This wonderful display of  Members' work was shown at the  2010 December  meeting.
This is Barbara Burnley's free lace from a Karen Iversen design.

                                                                                                       And this is Barbara's Torchon garter.

The Bedfordshire ring pillow above is
Kathy Hatt's work
from a Barbara Underwood pattern.

Above are groups of Kathy's Torchon lace on the left and Bucks Point on the right.

L is for lace and Libby!
Two of her Milanese pieces
from Pat Read patterns.

Libby Inglis worked these freestyle pieces, bowl, scarf and clutch bag,
at the Lace Guild's Summer School under the guidance of Jan Tregidgo.

Sheila Griffiths worked this very large Torchon mat from a Lace Express pattern.

  Margaret Hill is modelling her tatted collar. She  also brought her luxurious broomstick crochet  blanket at far left to show us.


Trixie Cooper worked this Bedfordshire mat from a Barbara Underwood

Janet French worked this Torchon mat from a
 Roseground Supplies pattern.

The Torchon wall hangings on the left are a selection from Janet Marriott's work.  Above are a fan and mat of hers in Chrysanthemum lace.
 Ailsa McGregor put years of work into this Torchon tablecloth.

On a smaller scale, here are her needlelace flowers and butterfly.

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