Representatives of Shrewsbury Lacemakers were invited to attend the Declaration of Christine Holmes as High Sheriff of Shropshire. It was a very satisfying to see our beautiful lace so well displayed on Christine's velvet costume. 


There are more pictures of the lace being made on the History page. Thelma Foster was present at the Declaration and has written some interesting background about the event and the office of High Sheriff.

                                 THE OFFICE OF HIGH SHERIFF

The post has developed over 1000 years of service to the Crown. The duties of the High Sheriff have been adapted and moulded to the needs of the day.

The High Sheriff of the 21st century still fulfils the ancient role of upholding peace and loyalty to the Crown, supporting the local shire i.e. Shropshire, and stimulating the community to work for the common good.

The badge shows the relationship of the Shrievalty  to the Monarchy and the Judiciary, with the Crown at the top and crossed swords in the centre. The sharp sword signifies justice and the blunt one signifies mercy.

Christine Mary Holmes made her Declaration before a gathering of officials and friends at 4pm on Monday 4th April 2016 at the Shrewsbury Crown Court. The Declaration was made in front of the retiring High Sheriff, The Hon. Mr. Justice Haddon-Cave. The Chain of Office was passed from the retiring High Sheriff to the new appointee. After the appointment of her Chaplain and Under Sheriff the new High Sheriff gave her Address .

Some key point of the ancient roots of the powers of the office are: raising money, enforcement of debts,  maintenance of law and order, and the keeping of the peace on behalf of the Sovereign with authority to raise a private army or group of deputies!  The office is now largely ceremonial.

Christine has said that she is keen to support and publicise the work of volunteers to enhance daily lives, in particular for the elderly.  She will support the judiciary, police and other law enforcement agencies, emergency services, armed forces, local authorities as well as church and faith groups.

Her aim is "To celebrate the many people of Shropshire who volunteer and give freely for good causes without seeking limelight or praise”

Her formal dress was made by Shropshire businesses and community groups, she is particularly proud of her hand made lace on the formal dress made by Shrewsbury Lacemakers!

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