What is a meeting of Shrewsbury lacemakers like? We drink tea! (And coffee.)          

    We take a packed lunch.
We chat.   Quite a lot of chat.
                                                                 We like a raffle.     
We use our excellent library                                                                               assisted by one of our excellent Librarians.                                                                                     
                       We like to make an effort at Christmas
                      and we have a competition at the AGM.
                We make full use of our professional Tutors.        
                                                 Here are Meg Lawrence and Rosemary Green working with members.

      We would be lost without our Tutors but we try to help each other.  
And we make a lot of lace.  Here are some of our busy pillows.
In January 2014 we moved to our present home at Bayston Hill Memorial Hall. The room is clean and bright for us.

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